Victor Chen

Software Engineer

Hi there!

As a brief introduction, my name is Victor Chen, I study software engineering at McMaster University, and I am currently in my final year.

This upcoming January, I'll be joining Google as a software engineering intern working on Apache Beam with one of the Dataflow teams.

This last summer, I worked on the PowerBI Engineering Systems team, where I built a set of pipelines to create Windows 10 disk images with the pre-packaged integrated development environment for PowerBI engineers. I then created a system to deploy Azure VMs built from the images that I had created, into a cache such that engineers would almost instantaneously be able to log into a development machine.

Previously, I had also worked on the Microsoft Data Integration team under Cloud & AI, where I built a new admin portal with a reach of over 10 million monthly users. Before that, I finished a year-long internship at Intel Corporation.

With regards to my prior experience, I have completed seven terms as a teaching assistant, under my university's Department of Computing and Software, and I have been a teaching assistant prior to the commencement of my second year at university. Since my first year at university, I have been involved in a very wide range of diverse initiatives. Most notably, for three years, I have represented Microsoft across numerous Canadian university campuses as one of their valued Student Partners - I have conducted various workshops on behalf of Microsoft, and explored the reaches of their newest technologies.

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