Victor Chen

Software Developer && Project Manager && Experiential Innovator

What I'm currently up to:

I am in my third year of Software Engineering at McMaster University, and I am currently the Chief Academic Chair of the McMaster Computer Science Society, which has given me the opportunity to directly impact the Computer Science and Software Engineering curriculums at McMaster. Alongside that, I am also the Co-Founder and Vice-President Academic of the McMaster Society for Emerging Technology, allowing me to introduce passionate speakers regarding cutting edge technology to my peers. I am also currently on my fifth term as a teaching assistant, this time for a first year computer science course dedicated towards engineering students at my university, covering basic algorithmic problems to data structures. During my previous terms as a teaching assistant, I had written a script to automatically assign grades to Desire2Learn discussion board participation to save a significant amount of time for other teaching assistants in my department to leave extra time for other student inquiries.

Last year, I had previously represented Microsoft there as one of their Student Partners in the 2017/2018 Canadian cohort and had the opportunity to be taught Microsoft technologies by incredible mentors that were specifically paired with me, and I have had the opportunity to share them with my peers through workshops that I personally had organized. Until last March, I represented the McMaster Engineering Society as the Director of Public Relations, having promoted the culture of the society through university-wide events.

In my spare time, I am currently learning methods to develop augmented-reality mobile applications using Unity and Vuforia, alongside that, I am also in the process of creating a machine learning chat bot that learns off of specific subreddits!

Plans for the future:

I'm currently looking to improve the quality of code that I write through coding my own personal projects, taking courses on Xamarin University (thanks Microsoft!) and attending hackathons in the United States.

I've set a few goals that I intend to fulfill by the end of the this semester, after I complete my machine learning chat bot. They include gaining a very in-depth understanding of C++ through creating various projects, publishing an augmented reality mobile app to the Google Play Store and Apple store, and actually spending more time practicing my guitar.

What I've done:

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